¡Promoviendo la herencia hispana!

Hispanic Heritage Calendar 2022: Celebrate the accomplishments of outstanding Hispanic-Americans with this detailed, educational calendar. Our 2022 Hispanic Heritage wall calendar includes Hispanic history facts that celebrate our heritage all year long. Makes a perfect Hispanic History Month giveaway. You will be uplifted and inspired 365 days a year with this Hispanic Heritage Wall Calendar! Order yours HERE.

Born in a small town in the Dominican Republic, the Mirabal sisters lived at a time when the country was under the merciless rule of a dictatorship. Their death… [+]

We the Dreamersdescribes the journey of immigrating to a new place through the eyes of a child. The narrative text is poetic and full of emotion. The illustrations convey the story of crossing borders… [+]

Born and raised in the Dominican Republic, María Montez became a famous actress during the time of the 1940s. She is recognized as one of the first Latinas to conquer Hollywood… [+]

Little Giants is a short collection of biographies about 10 Hispanic women who made history in… [+]

Anacaona lived during the time of Christopher Columbus. She was a taína[+]

Mama Tingo was born on November 8, 1921 in the Dominican Republic. She was… [+]

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