The Magic Nanny by Wanda Taylor

The Magic Nanny:
What's for dinner?

A captivating children’s book series about a nanny with extraordinary abilities.

In “What’s for Dinner?” twins Ismail and Isaac are convinced that their nanny is magical! That’s because she always seems to know everything, even things that happen when she’s not present!

Each day, the curious twins pose a magic question to Nanny, and she always provides the correct answer. But what would happen if one day she doesn’t know the answer?

Follow along with Ismail and Isaac in a heartwarming moment of tension as they test Nanny’s knowledge and magic. Will they uncover the truth behind her knowledge, or will they discover that magic truly exists in the world?

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Langage: English

Size: 8×8 inches; 32 pages

Series: The Magic Nanny

Grade Level: K-3

Imprint: Other Voices

*Distributed by Ingram and Brodart.

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